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About Us

Blockchain Centre (BC) Vilnius is the first blockchain technology centre connecting key stakeholders in Asia, Australia, and Europe. Our goal is to unlock value using blockchain technology in business, finance, and public administration.

A state-of-the-art coworking and shared office space for blockchain start-ups, BC Vilnius joins partner BC’s in Melbourne and Shanghai to incubate and accelerate blockchain start-ups while sharing information about new blockchain opportunities.

Together, the BC’s will be a major force for the development and application of blockchain technology worldwide, completing the age of the internet revolution by empowering social and economic value chains.

A New & Powerful Network

For commercial entities, our network represents a unique gateway to access trustworthy advisors, business intelligence, and start-up capital needed to grow. For regulators and civil servants, our new platform offers the chance to advance the discussion beyond the “sandbox” and make distributed ledger technology a positive force for change in how daily processes run and how value is exchanged between stakeholders.

Lithuania: Europe’s Cutting Edge

Opening a business in Lithuania can be as quick as 24 hours with the use of an e-signature, and gives you access to the EU’s market of more than 500 million consumers. Eurozone member with direct settlement options offered by the Central Bank, and being the first European Union country to publish ICO guidelines, Lithuania has been steadily advocating blockchain technology in finance, health, content sharing, and public administration.


Bloomberg Innovation Index 2017: Lithuania is one of the world’s most innovative economies


Forbes Magazine: 15th globally in annual ‘Best Countries for Business’ list

The World Bank

The World Bank: Top 16 in Doing Business Ranking

Mission Statement

We strongly believe that distributed ledger technology is a positive social and economic force that can empower entrepreneurs, create new economic value and above all reduce poverty and inequality around the world.

Our mission is to give the community an online and physical platform to empower the network of individuals and institutions to ensure a stable working environment for technology developers and end users. We see the Blockchain Centre Vilnius as a safe and trusted avenue for developing public and private sector partnerships. Blockchain Centre Vilnius is a not for profit organisation. We aim to unite stakeholders to protect common interest and to facilitate the environment for growth, innovation and collaboration.

The Board of Directors and the Management Team have one thing in common: they are excited by new possibilities created by digital technologies and have absolute faith in our ability to bring about positive change for everyone. Bringing together a vast experience in business, internet technologies, regulatory and financial process the team will be ‘on call’ to provide practical advice on how to engage in distributed ledger opportunities.

Our Values

  • Trust, Transparency
  • Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Merit & Talent Promotion, Empowerment
  • Good Governance
  • Social Responsibility

Our Medium Term Goals

  • To build a Globally Connected & recognised centre of excellence in Vilnius connecting Europe & Asia
  • Bring together technology enthusiasts, academics, entrepreneurs, regulators and professionals under ‘one roof’ in a safe, stable and supportive environment
  • To create awareness and educate the society about ‘distributed ledger’ opportunities and positive change these can bring
  • To facilitate access to talent, know-how and start-up capital
  • Build a trusted network for the industry
  • To provide a voice and defend the sector in policy discussions
  • Engage with Central Banks, lawmakers, financial market participants
What We Do
  • Provide co-working space for blockchain startups
  • Identify promising talent
  • Connect international investors
  • Help establish business connections in Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Start-up evaluation (basic due diligence service)
  • Initiate blockchain start-up projects
  • Advise members of the community on technology, legal, tax, & marketing
  • Hold events and build a community of blockchain professionals
  • Conduct blockchain training programs for professionals
  • Represent our partners and investors at international forums
  • Advocate a favourable legal and tax environment in Lithuania and Europe
  • Engage with regulators to address the challenges of blockchain technology
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