Become a mentor

Blockchain technology brings positive change.  Are you interested in helping entrepreneurs take their first steps into the fascinating world of blockchain?

Become a mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius!  It is YOUR role as a pioneer in this new era to lead the way by contributing to the growth of the blockchain business community, and assist in bringing blockchain solutions to everyone!

Blockchain Centre Vilnius mentors are professionals with a background in various sectors and are highly skilled in blockchain technology.  Join the team to provide practical advice on how to implement distributed ledger technologies to start-ups developing their projects in blockchain.

Tell us about yourself by submitting a mentor’s application here.

We are bringing together people with broad experience in business, Internet technologies, and regulatory and financial processes.  Developers, lawyers, analysts, and many other professionals working with projects in the blockchain are welcome to join Blockchain Centre Vilnius.

We’d like to utilise your network and technical capabilities in mentoring some of the teams.  In exchange for your time, we offer access to our local and international network, priority to participate in events, social media exposure and news updates about the industry.

You can find our current mentors here