Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain is a new technology buzzword gaining massive press and media attention and coverage around the world. But like any new technology, the concept can be very complex and confusing to understand.

Come for this masterclass to learn how blockchain works, the history behind it and explore potential use cases.

Are you interested in this new technology?
Would you like to upskill yourself in understanding Blockchain technology?
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Topics covered are
• What is the blockchain and how does it work?
• Key features of blockchains
• Numerous use cases for blockchains
• Case studies of several competing blockchains
• Different blockchain protocols explained
• How to decide the necessity of blockchain as a solution


Tomas Gurvičius

Originally from Lithuania, Tomas has visited, lived, and studied in more than 50 countries since 2000. Wide-ranging working experience, educational background, and language skills make him a global generalist. Today, he is a Dash Digital Cash community member, an advisor for ValueNet Capital crypto-fund and a partner at Crypto Tax & Legal. Due to his roots, he is very keen to help Lithuania become a powerful hub of blockchain technology innovation and adaptation.

Courses are planned in 2018 February. More information – soon.