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Talk&Trade#26 – Blockchain & The Music Industry – 26.09.18

Talk&Trade#26 – Blockchain & The Music Industry – 26.09.18

Music and creative arts are industries ripe for disruption through the application of blockchain technology, more specifically through the use of smart contacts due to the layers of percentage takers and diluted ways in which money finds its way back to artists.  There are a few distinct benefits to employing such a system to manage the creative rights of music.

  • Assign creative assets using smart contracts
  • Sell directly to fans
  • Creation of token economies
  • Building an ecosystem of fans directly
  • P2P Real Time Payments  

On the 26th September 2018 at 6.30pm here at the Blockchain Centre Vilnius our Communications Manager – Ian Kane will be speaking on the topic. Drawing on his accumulated knowledge gained after spending almost 15 years working within creative industries and more specifically the UK music industry he is well placed to discuss the future trends and technological innovation that could improve the industry. At the same time he recognises that creative industries are driven by human passion and energy and that if we replace that with AI and robotic functions the beauty of music could be lost altogether!

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