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Debitum Network Abra 1.0 Launch

Debitum Network Abra 1.0 Launch

We are very pleased to officially announce our new partners – Debitum Network. To mark this partnership agreement, on the 23rd August 2018 we held an exclusive testing event for the Debitum and Blockchain Centre Vilnius communities where they got to listen to CEO Martins Liberts vision of the future of the project and also see, test, and trial Debitums long awaited Abra platform.

Participants at the event got to see a live demo of the platform by Martins himself, and then the opportunity to test the platform and its functions live for themselves. Feedback was extremely positive with most commenting on how the platform looked straight forward to use and had increased functionality over its competitors.

Most importantly, the Debitum Network have delivered what they promised investors over a year a go and it looks like this upward trajectory will only continue with testing now done in a live situation, it will back over to Debitum to iron out any teething problems in the software before releasing it to the world.

We are super proud to call Debitum our partners and extremely happy to see them deliver on theire promise. You can watch the live stream of the event below and get a real feel for Martins Liberts vision for the company and hear him tackle some difficult questions live on stage.

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