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Education And Blockchain: Blockchain Centre Vilnius And ODEM To Work Together To Make It Happen

Education and blockchain: Blockchain Centre Vilnius and ODEM to work together to make it happen

”Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself,” said John Dewey, an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. The notion that education is a life-long process is shared by a growing number of organisations.  However, the idea that merging this notion with blockchain technology could shift our society to an entirely new dimension is still a novelty. This idea brought Blockchain Centre Vilnius and the ODEM platform together. These two organisations share a passionate belief in education and blockchain and are thus planning on making the fruits of their collaboration accessible to anyone keen on getting the best out of the life-long learning experience.

Education has always been at the heart of a modern society. However, the modern world as we know it is changing rapidly: we are entering a postmodern world.  In this world, a higher education degree no longer guarantees a safe future. We are transforming into a society where lifelong learning is the new normal – for everyone. It is with this societal transformation in mind that Blockchain Centre Vilnius and ODEM became partners in order to bring blockchain technology and education to a new level.

The education industry is already among the fastest growing industries in the world; but this is only a beginning of the process.  As the world eagerly explores the potential of blockchain technology, decentralisation plays a crucial role.

Decentralisation and choice are the core of the ODEM philosophy and platform. “We applaud the Blockchain Centre Vilnius’ guiding role in incubating worthy blockchain startups and linking like-minded entrepreneurs across Europe and around the world,” says ODEM CEO Richard Maaghul. “We also recognize the vision and foresight of Blockchain Vilnius Founder Antanas Guoga.”

The platform acts as a blockchain-based records-management system and supports ODEM’s mission of making education more accessible, affordable, transferrable, and verifiable.  Crucially, ODEM empowers students to collaborate with top university professors to create customised educational experiences as part of a life-long process of keeping one’s skills relevant in fast-changing job markets. The platform tips the balance of information in favour of students to increase their ability to manage and negotiate the cost of their education and related services.

Since both organisations are leaders in their respective fields, their partnership is destined to be a successful one. Blockchain Centre Vilnius strongly believes that distributed ledger technology is a positive social and economic force that can empower entrepreneurs, educators and create new economic value around the world.  It’s a blockchain centre of excellence which brings together specialists and ideas, and helps to put theory into practice.

CEO of Blockchain Centre Vilnius, Eglė Nemeikštytė, is more than happy to forge a partnership with such an institution as ODEM.  Nemeikštytė says: “It is difficult to find words to describe the importance of education to prepare blockchain specialists. We are convinced that our new partner ODEM will play a very important part in finding innovative methods to educate innovative and creative blockchain specialists.  Our partnership will assist those who are eager to learn and those who are looking for such talents.”

John Dewey’s philosophy that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself,” holds a central place in the values of the Blockchain Centre Vilnius. Dewey’s quote is prominently positioned in the ‘Education’ section of the Blockchain Centre Vilnius’ website. One could almost say it is written in stone given how much the Centre truly believes in it. It remains one of its core values and the Centre is truly excited to find a partner with the same beliefs in the power of education and blockchain.

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