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Security Token Offering on Stellar Blockchain – The Future of Digital Entrepreneurship

It’s no secret that the ICO model is giving way to STOs – Security Token Offering and the October 3rd meet up at the Vilnius Blockchain Center is the event that will finally unpack STOs for those who still believe that the most advanced way of raising capital at the end of 2018 is to ‘create’ yet another digital coin.

Asset tokenization through a Security Token Offering is the future of digital entrepreneurship, and the Stellar platform is the place to do it.

Stellar will present to you the most desired and cherished commodity of all: access. Access to new technologies, through which true liquidity is created. The Stellar network is fully and globally compliant making it a perfect platform for an STO. After all, security tokens are that – securities, meaning that the regulatory space for trading them is infinitely more stringent than a virtual exchange for swapping digital trinkets.

Transparency, accountability, security – these are only a few essential benefits that today’s investors seek in a blockchain-based enterprise and Stellar is happy to oblige with its unique value proposition. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here is a taste for you:

• Stellar Latest News – Victor Krekotin, Strategy Advisor, Smartlands Platform

• STO on Stellar Blockchain, Advantages & Features – Victor Krekotin, Strategy Advisor, Smartlands Platform

• Legal Aspects of STO – Tomas Talutis, Managing Partner, Tvins

• STO and Real Asset Tokenisation – Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands Platform

• ICO vs. STO: investor’s view – Alex Skubenko, CEO at WeFund

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We are Community working to expand awareness of the Stellar network in Europe. One of our goals is building game-changing partnerships to empower businesses to attract investments for further growth. The community strives to educate both consumers and entrepreneurs about the advantages of the Stellar blockchain by organizing various events across Europe bridging technology gaps, righting informational wrongs, and spreading the word of Stellar.

We are Community working to expand awareness of the Stellar network in Europe. Be the first to explore new opportunities of Stellar blockchain!

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