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Talk&Trade #31 – Fintech Trends & Investors’ Pitch Essentials

Despite of a rough ride of crypto currencies in 2018 many pundits predict that the crypto winter is nearing to the end. Crypto money evangelist Faisal Khan is going to shed some light into the wonders of crypto currencies, cross-border payments and give us some insights in Fintech VCs. Come and listing to Mr. Faisal Khan on 16 January, and share you thoughts and ideas on the matter!

Our guests:

TALK#1 – Faisal Khan is a banking / payments consultant specializing in cross-border payment systems and a crypto money evangelist. He is the co-host of Around the Coin, a weekly podcast on Payments & Fintech with over 22,000+ listeners. Mr. Khan is a talent scout for Series A & B financing for various fintech VCs/funds. He is also a frequent contributor to popular Q&A site Quora where he has been a Top Writer for 6 consecutive years. His official website is at When not traveling, Faisal calls Istanbul home.

Transnational Need for Real-Time Small Value Payment Systems: The Trillion Dollar Opportunity for Cryptocurrency & The Blockchain

A casual talk for about 45 minutes + Q&A on the need for real-time value transfer systems. There are over 1,900+ payment networks in the world and less than 3% are connected with 2 hops or less, and less than 1% are connected with a single-hop settlement. With over 2,000 e-money licenses, inter-wallet settlements are the next big challenge in-waiting. A pragmatic approach, on how to go about solving this problem.

TALK#2 – Hasan Surtiwala is a Venture Consultant and investment professional for tech ventures and funds alike. Stemming from an entrepreneurial background and later investing in high growth companies, he’s put together his network and experience into consulting new ventures and advising on various investment strategies. He’s passionate about start-ups, new ideas and works to contribute wherever possible.

The Quest for Capital – And how to get closer to a yes

While investors are looking for the next big thing, many start-ups are lost in the jungle of the vast criteria (and buzz-word jargon) of what investors are looking for. Many times even though if you fit their investment scope you’d be rejected only to find that there is essentially nothing wrong with your product and company… or is there? Through the experience of raising for numerous start-ups (as well as my own) and scouting for VC’s I’ve picked up on some key “secrets” and “tricks of the trade” which gives the entrepreneur an extra edge and gets them closer to a yes. Whilst there is no right or wrong answer as to how to raise capital there are just things which one should completely avoid and some must do’s which most don’t think about.

Talk&Trade is a free event happening at Blockchain Centre Vilnius catering to discussion around blockchain technology, crypto currencies and the wider financial technology industry here in Lithuania and beyond.

Bring yourself, your ideas and your questions!

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