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Exclusive Video Interview: Kaliya Young Aka Identity Woman

Exclusive Video Interview: Kaliya Young aka Identity Woman

The Pillar #Unconference was an amazing opportunity to speak with some very influential and forward thinking people. One of the people we were lucky enough to interview was Kaliya Young aka The Identity Woman. Kaliya was a ray of information and thought provoking comments throughout the entire conference, her hand was always raised and she always found a way to work in the most up to date and accurate information from the USA and her areas of expertise, which was appreciated by all attendees and speakers.

Kaliya’s area of special interest for over 15 years and long before the conception of blockchain is – Self-Sovereign Identity, Kaliya is like the equivalent of Batman in the identity world and is an independent advocate for the rights and dignity of our digital selves. This exclusive video digs deeper into Kaliya’s work in the US and globally.

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