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What is Blockchain Centre Vilnius?

Blockchain Centre (BC) Vilnius is the first blockchain technology centre connecting key stakeholders in Asia, Australia, and Europe. It is a non-profit centre, which aims to educate, incubate start-ups and accelerate the future of blockchain technology for the benefit of all humanity.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to give the community an online and physical platform to empower the network of individuals and institutions to ensure a stable working environment for technology developers and end users.  We see Blockchain Centre Vilnius as a safe and trusted avenue for developing public and private sector partnerships.

Why is it non-profit?

The Centre represents the industry, not the company.  We are agnostic towards any blockchain technology or its application.

What are your values?

The team at Blockchain Centre Vilnius share the following values and goals: trust, transparency, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity, merit & talent promotion, empowerment, good governance, social responsibility and more.

Is it government initiative?

It is a private initiative. The Centre seeks close cooperation with the Lithuanian Government and European Institutions as it is supporting and enabling the environment for blockchain technology.  The Centre also closely cooperates with the governmental agency, “Invest Lithuania”.

The founder of the Centre is an entrepreneur and European politician, Antanas Guoga.

What is the benefit for start-ups to be located at Blockchain Centre Vilnius?

The Centre ensures networking opportunities by connecting you with investors and mentors. It offers assistance to business primarily. Companies settling in Vilnius enjoy a great regulatory environment and settlement in the EU single market.  Additionally, the Centre is opening its doors in the coolest, brand new building in the capital of Lithuania.

Is it kind of accelerator?

No, it is not an accelerator in the traditional sense, though we have partners, and we are constantly on the lookout for new partnership opportunities for start-ups who are going to locate in our co-working space.  Our ultimate goal is to connect talents and investors.

How do you select the residents of the office?

Residents and premium residents are blockchain-focused companies creating proper solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology.  The difference between the residency options is that premium residents of BC Vilnius will sign a partnership agreement, and in addition to office space, companies receive access to mentors, technologists and investors.  BC Vilnius also provides public relations, tax, legal and government affairs services to the companies.

How much does the membership cost?

Residents pay 200 EUR per team member per month.  For premium residents, additional conditions apply which are negotiated individually.

How to apply to reserve a co-working place?

Please fill the membership application

What sectors do you work with?

The Centre is prioritising start-ups working in the following sectors or initiatives:  medtech, logistics, registers, smart contracts, e-voting, fintech, food industry, online retail and cyber security.  Cryptocurrencies are also part of the Centre’s focus.

Who are the Centre’s mentors?

Mentors are professionals who have a strong background in various sectors and are highly knowledgeable in blockchain technology.  It is an ‘on call’ team that can provide practical advice on how to implement distributed ledger technologies to start-ups developing their projects in blockchain. We are bringing together people with vast experience in business, internet technologies, regulatory and financial processes.  You can find our mentors here

How do you select the mentors?

Blockchain Centre Vilnius Board members and the blockchain community suggest the candidates.  The CEO of the Centre approves them.  We are continuously looking for experienced professionals.  Please, contact us if you believe that blockchain technology brings positive change for everyone, you love solving problems, and you want to help entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps into the fascinating world of blockchain. Please, find the link to apply as a mentor here.

Who are your investors?

The Blockchain Centre Vilnius Board and Investor Committee, which will help raise funds for blockchain start-ups, have already attracted industry-leading professionals such as Lon Wong, President of (Singapore), leading Australian artificial intelligence expert and data analyst Eugene Dubossarsky, and Sonic Zhang, Founder of ValueNet Capital (China).

What type of partners are you looking for?

The Centre is currently actively communicating with venture capital firms, blockchain technology companies, companies that are currently developing blockchain products, universities, colleges, educational think tanks and foundations, government and non-governmental organizations investing in blockchain technology.

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