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International Earth Day 2019

International Earth Day 2019

The Blockchain for Climate Foundation is a non-profit that says it is ‘putting the Paris Agreement on the blockchain’ and wants to use blockchain to connect the national carbon accounts of the world which they believe will enable cross-border collaboration and investment in emissions reductions.

Innovation in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Cryptocomposable Tokens (cNFTs) and Unique Fungible Tokens (UFTs) on the #Ethereum blockchain let us track every tonne of CO2 from its source, through national account, to global footprint. Deployment of a “Proof of Authority” (PoA) consensus algorithm allows all participating nations to run a validation node and be part of securing the blockchain.

Learn more about how #blockchain could be the unsung hero of climate change action!

World Economic Forum:
BC For Cimate Foundation:

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