January 27th, Saturday, 2018

Vilnius time zone: from 2.00 p.m. till 5.45 p.m.
London time zone: from 12.00 p.m. till 3.45 p.m.
Melbourne time zone: from 11.00 p.m. till 2.45 a.m.
Shanghai time zone: from 8.00 p.m. till 11.45 p.m.


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Blockchain Centre Vilnius welcomes the blockchain enthusiast to watch LIVE the global high-level event on blockchain future for governments and businesses and the launch of Blockchain Centre Vilnius. It will be a great opportunity for the latest updates in the blockchain regulation as well as business application across the globe as blockchain industry representatives from Singapore, Australia, China and all over the Europe will be present. There will be a debate involving representatives from the European Central Bank, European Commission, European Parliament, Lithuanian and other EU member state Governments and investment agencies.

In what way can blockchain technology address imminent challenges in public administration processes to create trust between European citizens and its traditional institutions? Where do you see the next ‘breakthrough’ in 2018 (outside crypto) that requires close attention of regulators? What else need to be done at the governmental level to help start-ups and innovators to access risk capital in a stable and sustainable manner? How we solve business and cost optimisation problems with a help of blockchain? How does blockchain help to solve trust, security problems? What should we do for blockchain to become a mainstream technology, affordable for business? These and many other challenges for blockchain technology will be addressed during the debates and presentations of the event.

Blockchain Centre Vilnius is the first blockchain technology center connecting key stakeholders in three continents – Asia, Australia, and Europe. It joins partner Blockchain Centres in Melbourne and Shanghai. The Centre’s mission: to unlock economic and social value by applying blockchain technology to business, finance, and public administration.


13:30 – 14:00  Registration

13:30 – 14:00 Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony with partners and residents of Blockchain Centre Vilnius.

  • Witnessed by Virginijus Sinkevičius, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

14:00 – 14:30 Welcome speeches

  • Paulius Kunčinas, Chairman of the Board, Blockchain Centre Vilnius
  • Antanas Guoga, Member of the European Parliament, Founder of Blockchain Centre Vilnius
  • Keynote welcome speech: Virginijus Sinkevičius, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Martin Davidson, Global Director and CEO Blockchain Centre Melbourne

14.30 – 15.30 Panel discussion: Governmental panel: The future of blockchain

  • Pierre Marro, Team leader Fintech, blockchain, Access to finance, European Commission, DG Connect
  • Dirk Bullmann, FinTech coordinator and advisor to the Director General, European Central Bank
  • Vlad Radysh, Government Relations Director of Bitfury Group
  • Siân Jones, Founder of European Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Forum, COINsult
  • Dr. Atif Ansar, Programme Director at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Layla Dong, Foundation board member at the WEF Global Shapers Community
  • Moderator: Paulius Kunčinas, Chairman of the Board, Blockchain Centre Vilnius

15.30 – 15.50 Coffee break

15.50 – 16.05 Case study: Use cases of NEM blockchain

  • Kristof Van de Reck, Regional head Europe and Council member of Foundation

16.05 – 16.20 Case study: Pillar Project: Your Data. Your Life. Empowered by blockchain

  • Tomer Sofinson, co – Founder of 20|30 & Pillar Project

16.20 – 16.35 Case study: China’s blockchain industry

  • Sonic Zhang, Founder of Value Net Capital

16:35 – 17.35 Corporate panel: How can blockchain enable business?

  • Arminta Saladžienė, Vice president, Head of securities services, Nasdaq
  • Ashley Kemball Cook, Business development lead at Qadre
  • Mantas Katinas, CEO of Invest Lithuania
  • Lon Wong, President of the Foundation
  • Daniel Bar, Chairman and founder of bitfwd
  • Tomer Sofinson, co-founder of 20|30 & Pillar Project
  • Moderator – Antanas Guoga, Member of European Parliament

17:35 – 17:45 Q&A

  • Closing remarks by Eglė Nemeikštytė, CEO Blockchain Centre Vilnius

18:00 – 21:00 Networking party


Dirk Bullmann – Adviser to the ECB Director General Market Infrastructure and Payments:
Mr Bullmann coordinates FinTech work inside the ECB with a focus on market infrastructures. Since 2014, Mr. Bullmann is Adviser to the ECB Director General Market Infrastructure and Payments. Dirk joined the ECB in 2000, and worked in the areas of payment system operations, collateral policy issues and TARGET2-Securities. He also was the Secretary of the Eurosystem/ESCB Payment and Settlement Systems Committee (PSSC).

Pierre Marro – European Commission, DG Connect, Blockchain task force:
To be updated

Dr. Atif Ansar – Programme Director of MSc in Major Programme Management at the Said Business School:
Programme Director of the MSc in Major Programme Management (MMPM) at the Saïd Business School. The MMPM is a two-year, part-time, course that attracts senior executives from around the world who lead major programmes across various arenas: large-scale infrastructure, major ICT, business change, urban development, defence equipment, big science, or major events.

Vlad Radysh – Government Relations Director, Bitfury Group
Has over 20 years of experience in IT, out of which 17 years in IT management, IT consulting, IT sales and IT strategy develop ment, 9 years on management positions and Government strategic relationships. During the last 20 years Vlad has risen from the rank of System Administrator in leading National Telecommunication provider to Public Sector Director in Microsoft Ukraine then Director, Global Government Relations CIS&SEE region in Visa, Head of GR in leading Mobile Operator and now Head of GR in leading Worldwide Blockchain company.
During the last 7 years Vlad is deeply engaged in development and deployment of ICT strategy for industrial and governmental customers in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia with major focus on business development, countrywide projects, multilayer security and standardization.

Sian Jones – founder of European Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Forum:
Siân leads the European Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Forum, a public policy platform helping EU policymakers and legislators shape sound policy and regulation. She also heads COINsult, a regulatory compliance consultancy focusing on virtual currencies and distributed ledger technology that advises fintech startups, governments and enterprises. Siân is a member of ISO’s technical committee on DLT and sits as an expert on its Security & Privacy and Smart Contracts study groups. She also sits on BSI’s national mirror committee, techUK’s DLT working group, and the Financial Markets Law Committee DLT working group. She is a founding member of the UK Digital Currency Association and led its Regulation & Banking working group (2014-2016). She contributes to leading blockchain podcast, Epicenter, and is a regular speaker and panellist at conferences. Siân is also an Ambassador for the Emerging Payments Association, and helped found the first publicly-quoted blockchain technology company and the first blockchain platform provider on the UK Government’s G-Cloud.

Layla Dong – Foundation board member at the WEF Global Shapers Community:
Layla Dong, Foundation Board Member of WEF Global Shapers Community. She has been contributing ideas and insights to the development of the community since 2013. She was the Curator of Global Shapers Dalian hub from 2014-2015. She has been promoting the cooperation between GSC with organizations and corporations including the UN, Coke, Microsoft, etc. She has been a speaker at Davos, CCTV, BBC, the Economist and APEC.
Founder and CEO of Blockshine, a world-leading supplier of blockchain-related information. Further, she is also the head of global engagement at Blockchain Global, which is Blockshine’s parental company. Blockchain Global now positioned as the world’s leading Blockchain venture builder, spans 6 countries and has invested in over 50 Blockchain start-ups and projects to date.
Founder of Broadshine Co., Ltd, a company committed to China-Western technology-cultural communication by providing strategic consulting services for enterprises to enable their globalisation agenda. It has helped GOME to establish and operate its E-commerce in Japan and Australia, who is the biggest Electrical Appliances company in Greater China region with 1682 outlets.


Tomer Sofinzon – co-founder of 20|30 & Pillar Project:
Tomer Sofinzon has spent over 20 years between the US, Europe and Israel focusing on technology entrepreneurship and investments. Tomer founded 8 companies, some of which were successfully acquired or made IPOs. Most recently he founded ClearCi, a company focused on delivering Enterprise Intelligence solutions, which was recently successfully acquired. He has worked extensively in venture capital with a focus on strategic partnerships, as well as made multiple angel investments. Now Tomer has co-founded 20|30 and Pillar Project with David Siegel. Tomer has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and also graduated Summa Cum Laude from Babson College in Wellesley, MA where he was a Babson Scholar.

Kristof Van de Reck – Regional head Europe and Council member of Foundation:
Kristof Van de Reck is founding member, Council member and Regional head Europe of Foundation. Since he first learned about blockchain technology he has been focussing on how blockchain can be implemented in existing businesses as well as the opportunities it facilitates for new business models.In his role as Regional Head Europe, him and his team are responsible for the the introduction, education and promotion of the NEM Blockchain technology to industries, governments and academia throughout Europe and beyond.

Sonic Zhang – Founder of Value Net Capital:
Sonic Zhang is a founder of ValueNet Capital, a blockchain-focused venture capital fund. He also heads 20 Nations League of Blockchain (B20), an international NGO focused on bridging blockchain and crypto-currency communities.


Lon Wong – President, Foundation Ltd:
A serial technology entrepreneur, Lon is the founder and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd., a Singapore incorporated company. He is also the current President of the Foundation Ltd., a global world class Open Source Blockchain Technology project. He has more than thirty years in building start-ups and businesses from engineering consultancy to software applications, Internet, and ISP. He built and sold some of these businesses, including a dot-com business. As a social impact investor, Lon is involved with a centre for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder where he contributed his resources by way of offering a building space, management expertise and financial resources to start the business. Lon is the inventor of a patent-pending FinTech business method that could be used for payment, clearing, settlement, and mobile payments using blockchain technology, a business that he has been building for more than 4 years. He is a NEM core strategist and has been instrumental specifically in the use case design for the financial industry. Lon Wong leads and advises on many projects that has relevance to the NEM blockchain technology. He is a member of the Blockchain Advisory Board at Snap Interactive Inc., a NASDAQ OTC listed company.

Arminta Saladžienė – Vice President, Head of securities services Nasdaq:
As Vice President of Securities Services at Nasdaq, Arminta is leading a business unit comprised of seven regulated financial entities: stock exchanges, CSDs and an investment firm based in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland and Sweden, which provide a wide range of exchange and post trade services to the Nordic and Baltic clients. In this capacity, Arminta chairs the Boards of Directors or Supervisory Councils of Broker Services AB, Nasdaq CSD SE, Nasdaq Tallinn AS, Nasdaq Riga AS and Nasdaq Vilnius AB.
Arminta also acts as General Manager of Nasdaq’s Technology and Business Support Competence Center in Vilnius, Lithuania, which has grown from nill to 300 in staff since 2015 and provides trading, clearing, product management and other services, manages market IT infrastructure and applications, develops, tests and delivers technology solutions to Nasdaq’s customers around the globe. A dedicated team at Nasdaq Vilnius Services works on use cases of the applications of the blockchain technology in the securities market.

Mantas Katinas – CEO of Invest Lithuania:
Mantas Katinas is Managing Director of public agency Invest Lithuania. Prior to joining the agency, Mr Katinas worked in various positions for TEO LT, the largest integrated telecommunication, IT and television services provider in Lithuania, and part of TeliaSonera Group. He has more than 10 years of experience in Marketing, Business Development and Digital Transformation in the competitive Telco and WEB industries. His specialisation is in future business trends and models, and innovation economies.

Ashley Kemball Cook – Business development lead at Qadre:
Ashley Kemball-Cook is Head of Business Development for Qadre, a blockchain product development company with products in a number of sectors including: supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting, and identity. Ashley is an Advisor to Disberse, a blockchain enabled fund management platform for humanitarian aid. Using blockchain it drives the transparent, efficient, and effective flow of humanitarian aid funds. Ashley has worked on blockchain projects with industry leaders across finance, energy, healthcare, Magic Circle Law Firms, and UK regulators.

Daniel Bar – Chairman and founder of bitfwd:
Israeli born and Australia based Daniel is the Chairman and founder of bitfwd, he is primarily active in the FinTech space in APAC (Australia, New Zealand and China). Prior to Blockchain technology ventures Daniel was involved in research and engineering roles in areas such as Quantum Computation, Nanoelectronics and Biosensors. Daniel holds an MSc degree in Nanotechnology from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology and a graduate of the QLC Orion Entrepreneurship program from the Business School at the University of New South Wales.