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Blockchain Centre Vilnius mentors are professionals with a background in various sectors and are highly skilled in blockchain technology. We bring together people with broad experience in business, internet technologies, regulatory and financial processes to advise and work with startups and provide mentorship.

Developers, lawyers, analysts, and many other professionals working with projects in the blockchain space are also welcome to join Blockchain Centre Vilnius. We’d like to utilise your network and technical capabilities in mentoring some of the teams. In exchange for your time, we offer access to our local and international network, priority to participate in events, social media exposure and news updates about the industry – click here to apply to be a mentor.


Our mentor team support our residents and start-ups here in Lithuania and globally. Would you like to donate time to the community? You can apply to be a mentor here.

Natan Avidan

Visionary entrepreneur and founder of ORCA Alliance.

Rytis Bieliauskas

Chief Technology Officer at CoinGate & Blockchain Enthusiast

Dmitrij Radin

ORCA Alliance, Cryptocurrency enthusiast interested in all things crypto.

Daniel Bar

Leads on global blockchain collaborations involving both grassroots & high profile developer communities.

Dr. Tal Rapke

Strategist, blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur, creative thinker, inspiring leader & healthcare industry expert.

Hasan Surtiwala

Helping start-ups raise capital and advising on investment strategies.

Ricardo Medrano Lopez

Director of Partnerships for Australia and Hong Kong with Foundation.

Moritz Neto

Assisting startups with product design, community strategy, growth mechanisms & Incentive models, UX Mapping & development.

Mark Turrell

Blockchain entrepreneur, crypto growth specialist & enthusiast in the blockchain landscape.

Benas Bizevičius

Co-founder of Exorior Capital, an actively managed crypto fund and active public speaker.

Dr. Alex Cahana

Head of the CryptoHealth Advisory and Venture Partner at CryptoOracle in New York.

Steven Vermeire

A tech entrepreneur and strategic advisor with experience in building companies and creating growth.

On Yavin

Co-founder and CEO at Cointelligence. 20 years experience in tech, entrepreneur and angel investor.

Scott Malsbury

Communications Manager at Ethlend, passionate about distributed ledger technology, focus on business development for startups, mentoring and financial investment capacity.

Kohei Kurihara

Government Blockchain Association President of Tokyo Chapter. Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Mangaconnect.

Become a Mentor

We are actively looking for mentors with specialised and general knowledge in the areas of blockchain technology. If you want to become more involved and believe you have what it takes to be a mentor, please complete an application form and we will be in touch soon.

Upload your resume or add your LinkedIn profile link in comments section.

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