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New Partner Announcement: Citowise

New Partner Announcement: Citowise

We are delighted to announce that Estonian app developers Citowise are now an official partner of Blockchain Centre Vilnius.

The Citowise project started in 2016 when the founders experienced several problems. One founder discovered the loss of cryptocurrency from his personal wallet. Another founder could not obtain his ERC20 tokens after participating in an ICO project. Finally, the third had a problem sending cryptocurrency to relatives because there were no simple and understandable mobile applications to do this.

This led to the idea of creating a safe and convenient application (cryptowallet) for smartphones that would be available to any user anywhere in the world. Particular attention was paid to safety and ease of use.

Citowise found the best experts in the field of blockchain technology, cryptography and security and unlike many projects, began to develop the solution and first product using our own financing. In 2017, Citowise released the first finished product for the Android platform and received a significant number of positive reviews. This paved the way for future development.


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