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PRESS RELEASE – Global Technology Shapers, Politicians, Entrepreneurs And Investors Meet In Vilnius, Lithuania

PRESS RELEASE – Global technology shapers, politicians, entrepreneurs and investors meet in Vilnius, Lithuania

Global technology shapers, politicians, entrepreneurs and investors meet in Vilnius, Lithuania On the 25th April 2018.

Technology innovators and investors from Lithuania, Japan, UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and the USA will meet to explore blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities.

(VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, April 24th 2018) – Lithuanian policy makers, politicians and entrepreneurs will meet this week in Vilnius, Lithuania with their counterparts from Japan, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, UK and the USA to open a dialogue around further investment opportunities and technology collaborations between the countries.

Lithuania is fast becoming the home of fintech across Northern Europe and has, and is, attracting investment from across the globe. The light is truly shining on Lithuania right now as being a global innovator in the field of fintech and driving the blockchain revolution to new levels.

Foreign investment and collaborative working is what Lithuania wants, and needs, to become the star it’s positioning itself to be in the global market. With a small population of under 3M it’s quite hard to understand how this country has already become such a focal point, but once you look at the list of achievements over the last five years, it becomes more obvious.

For example – last Wednesday the world’s second ranked female tennis player Caroline Wozniacki announced a media partnership with Lithuanian blockchain startup, a health and fitness app focusing on monetising health data that raised over 10M Euros through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2017.

Wozniacki became a LYMPO brand ambassador, she will be playing a key role in our

marketing and communications strategy with the aim to spread awareness about the LYMPO app and to associate a familiar global face with a new brand. This move not only shows the pull power of Lithuanian entrepreneurs and business ideas but the
overwhelming shift from local, to global business ambitions. Marius Skelensis –

Countries such as Japan and Australia, usually outside the scope of this Baltic nation are becoming close allies. Trade and working opportunities are becoming reality, and investors from around the world are starting to look at Lithuania more seriously. The city benefits from a good number of ‘not for profit’ initiatives such as the Barclays sponsored Rise Vilnius that are helping to incubate and accelerate startups across the country, and the newly opened Blockchain Centre Vilnius founded by Member of European Parliament – Antanas Guoga, which has become the home of blockchain education and startup acceleration in Vilnius. Not for profit organisations such as these, and wider operating organisations such as Invest Lithuania are at the heart of bringing together those interested to open a dialogue and fill the education gaps between stakeholders.

Blockchain Centre Vilnius are holding another high profile, closed event, bringing international investors, business leaders, politicians and entrepreneurs together with keynote speeches on current and future relationships with Japan and the United Kingdom. Ichiro Minamikawa from Japan and Shane Kehoe from the UK will present information on the current trends and investment opportunities while the panel discussion, which includes David Siegel of and Ricardo Lopez of will discuss the best possible routes for building two way working relationships between Lithuania and countries such as Japan, China and the USA.

Meeting is just the beginning. We must nurture these relationships and explore all possible angles. It’s easy to talk – not so easy to act. We are providing the platform for these conversations and understand Lithuania is a small market and that any active entrepreneur wanting to succeed here needs to work globally. Egle Nemeikstyte – CEO, Blockchain Centre Vilnius

Lithuania has had a stellar rise over the last decade and this new breed of politicians, policy makers and tech savvy entrepreneurs are definitely on course to change the way Lithuania is viewed around the world. Couple that with a surge in the number of EU nationals settling in Lithuania and those who had previously migrated – coming home – the future is looking bright indeed.


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