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PWC Lietuva | FINMAP 2018 | ICO – Scam Or Legitimate Fundraising Tool?

PWC Lietuva | FINMAP 2018 | ICO – Scam or Legitimate Fundraising Tool?

On 10-11 October 2018 over 150 CEOs, CFOs and finance professionals will gather in Vilnius at one of the biggest local finance conferences #FINMAP2018. This years hot topic, and a question that really does need to be addressed will form the basis for the conference. Professionals from traditional investment, accounting, legal and regulation disciplines will discuss and debate the facts and theory that is shaping the crypto and token sale space right now.

ICO – scam or a legitimate fundraising tool? How is accounting for cryptocurrencies and tokens regulated in the local accounting standards?

Our partners Debitum Network CEO Martins Liberts will also be participating as a speaker and representing the ICO space. The Debitum Network project successfully conducted an ICO in 2017 giving them the finances they needed to launch their project, unlike many of their competitors Debitum Network followed their road map and successfully launched the ABRA 1.0 platform in September 2018 to a great response from both early investors and users.

To find out more about the conference, get tickets and secure your place at one of the hottest networking events this year you can visit the dedicated website HERE

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