Why Vilnius

With a world-class ICT infrastructure, a flexible, multilingual talent pool, favourable business and regulatory environment, and access to the eurozone and a single European market of more than 500m consumers, Vilnius is a great place to turn ideas into reality.

Companies of all sizes, from a range of sectors, are already flourishing in Vilnius. The city offers a future-focused business environment which is able to respond rapidly to the latest trends and developments.

The city itself is compact and cozy, yet bright and bustling. Historical and modern, green and clean, Vilnius is small enough to get around quickly and easily, and big enough to always have something to offer. It’s a city that’s growing sustainably – a place where a great work-life balance isn’t just a dream, as talent coming here from throughout the region is discovering.

Things move fast in Vilnius. Businesses go from idea to launch within days. Companies arrive and soon find themselves expanding. Licenses in cutting-edge industries like fintech are issued in a matter of weeks. Easy access to regulators, friendly “sandbox” environments that promote innovation, direct technical access to SEPA, and other benefits make Vilnius the perfect place for fintech. A recently-instituted “start-up visa” makes it easier to attract and retain top talent from non-EU countries.

With its international partnerships and access to the global blockchain community, Blockchain Centre Vilnius is ideally positioned to leverage the benefits Vilnius has to offer and make it Europe’s blockchain gateway to the world.